Where is Humble House located?

  • We are a company based in the United States out of the beautiful city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin but we partner with companies around the world!


Is Humble House a family-owned and operated brand?

  • Yes!  We are a small business founded by a husband and wife duo who continue to lovingly run the company.


Why is the Humble House website a .co and not a .com?

  • We chose to use .co to represent Humble House as a company and not just a website.  When you think humblehouse.co think “Dot Company” and not just another “Dot Com”!


I love the Humble House logo!  Can you tell me more about it?

  • Our flagship logo is a green circle with a white square knot overlay.  The square knot image appears to make to vertically stacked letter H’s representing the “HH” abbreviation of the Humble House brand.  Square knots are one of the most ancient of the knots which is symbolic of the traditional and artisanal practices promoted by the simple living philosophy.  We chose to use a mint background because it is a favorite color of the founders!


Where can I purchase Humble House products?

  • Our products are available for purchase on Amazon, eBay, and directly from this website.


Where can I consume the content Humble House creates and curates?


How can I get in contact with a Humble House representative if I have other questions?

  • You can email us at team@humblehouse.co and we will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.


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